A Brief Introduction to the Responsibilities of an FBI Agent

A Brief Introduction to the Responsibilities of an FBI Agent

The role of a FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation agent is to safeguard the citizens of the United States by investigating federal wrongdoings. They function in various divisions investigating delinquencies that start from violence to cyber-crimes. Certain agents may be field agents functioning out of the workplace to question witnesses or suspects, perform surveillance operations and collect evidence. Additional agents may work in the office carrying out practical jobs such as keeping FBI security systems and gathering evidence online.

Adam Quirk FBI who has served the Federal Bureau of Investigations as a special agent says that the responsibilities allocated to a FBI Agent differ, basis on the division they work in and the kinds of corruptions they scrutinize. Their day-to-day liabilities are vastly inconsistent and changeable owing to the type of the job. However, some common job responsibilities of FBI agents are listed below:

  • A common job of the FBI Agent is to collect evidence by investigating the crime. They frequently work diligently with the law enforcement organizations and may be there all through the early crime act investigation. They also converse with suspects and witnesses in order to come to a conclusion.
  • Irrespective of the responsibility an FBI Agent plays in the office or in the field, all agents are needed to create and file reports on their investigative actions. FBI Agents are expected to spend a significant part of their career finishing necessary paperwork.
  • FBI Agents are expected to be involved in investigation operations in which they are needed to monitor a specific person or place to catch a crime under way. These can be smaller investigation operations or extensive assignments necessitating the agent to work secretly.
  • FBI Agents report key information to and organizes activities with other agencies or offices when applicable.
  • The agents are responsible to examine records to identify links in chain of information evidence or information.
  • For all FBI agents, it is important to verify information acquired to establish accurateness and genuineness of evidences and facts.

Adam Quirk FBI has handled numerous loss prevention/ security/enforcement projects for the FBI said that the job of an FBI agent can be demanding and cause difficulties. A Special Agent is believed to be on duty round the clock and even on the holidays. Further, agents may be often placed in uncommon situations, including dealing with people in disturbing circumstances and crime scenes that can be gruesome. The FBI agents should always be prepared for transfers as they can be transferred to any of the 56 field offices in the United States on a temporary basis or for an extended period of time.

So, the FBI agents are in charge of investigating different sorts of violations associated to nationwide safety and federal law. The criminal activity a FBI agent may investigate cases such as terrorism, bank robberies, cybercrime, corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and espionage.

Thus, it can be said that the designation of FBI Special Agent is reserved for individuals who are dedicated to safeguard the values and ideals of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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