All That You Need To Know About Testosterone Steroid

All That You Need To Know About Testosterone Steroid

Testosterone is a male hormone which belongs to androgen class. It is a natural male hormone and decides the male sex drive and their libido. Testosterone is also available as a steroid which is taken to enhance its level to improve muscles and other male characteristics.

Testosterone is produced in large quantity by male testicles. Women also produce it in smaller quantity by their ovaries. The testosterone production levels are guided by pituitary gland in our brain which is also called master gland.

Testosterone is responsible for various male characteristics like body hair growth, facial hair, and deeper male like voice, sex drive and ability to maintain and achieve erection. It also controls the amount of sperm produced. When bodybuilders take the injection of testosterone then the capability of producing natural testosterone gets reduced and therefore the dosage levels need to be properly regulated so that hormone function remains properly balanced.

Testosterone steroid

Bodybuilders taking testosterone to develop muscle must know the limit how much they should take to avoid excessive and uncontrolled growth of the body. There can be few serious side effects if the steroid doses are increased to very higher levels.

In order to know further details about Testosterone, you may visit our Testosterone page where you will find complete details about how this steroid works in our system.

Natural production of testosterone is dependent upon the age of the person. The level is pretty low before puberty however it rises as the person attains adolescent age. Till the person reaches to 40 its level keeps on rise and after that it slowly stats getting reduced. Testosterone level also depends upon his health and genetics too.

If you are using testosterone for any non medical use then you must know your present testosterone levels. The levels according to various age groups are as follows:

  • Age between 17 to 18 years – 300 to 1200 ng per decilitre
  • 19 years and above – 242 to 950 ng per decilitre
  • Average adult male – 270 to 1070 ng per decilitre

Symptom of low testosterone

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction or inability to maintain erection
  • Lower sperm production
  • Infertility
  • Impotence
  • Increase in body fats
  • Bone density reduction

In addition to above person with lower levels of testosterone will be mentally and emotionally drained out. They will have lower confidence and self asteem.


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