Best suburbs to live in Melbourne

Best suburbs to live in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Australia and also the most populous city in Australia in the state of Victoria. Melbourne is considered as one of the most livable city in the world because of its fine dining, art galleries, home grown fashion and a packed sports calendar.  Melbourne is like a dream city where everyone had wished to live. If you are moving to Melbourne then you must find a suitable for place you to live. Many moving services help you in getting a suitable place for you to live in Melbourne or in the suburbs of Melbourne. Choice is yours where you want to live in the fast moving life of the city or in the suburbs where you get a peaceful environment and healthy lifestyle.Image result for MOVING

Choosing a right place to live

Choosing where to live is always a difficult choice. But while choosing a place to live to need to keep some point in your mind like the place which you choose is safe or not, has the 24 hours of facilities like water, electricity etc. watch the surroundings near you that it has all the proper facilities like hospital, car service, schools, shopping etc. If you are planning to buy a house in the suburbs of Melbourne, then here are the best suburbs in the area of Melbourne which help you in choosing the right suburb area for you

Edithvale – this suburb has it all, it is near to the city have shops, parklands, schools, transport etc. basically everything which a family need. It is close to the city but you can still feel it like a suburb. This place is also given a reward of number one suburb in the area of Melbourne.

Brookfield – this place is the 2nd best suburb in Melbourne. It has a beautiful lake and parks. Kids love their school and you get a great community feel in this area and also this area is very safe and friendly. There are many other good suburbs too but these two are the best out of them.

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