Different types of lawyers

Different types of lawyers

Lawyers are a valuable part of our society. There are different kinds of lawyers and each one is specialised in providing a specific service to the general public.

There are many lawyers in Parramatta however you need to understand the difference between each type and the branches involved in order to know which lawyer is right for your needs.

The two main branches are solicitors and barristers.

Solicitors: they provide assistance and advice on all matters of law. They play the main point of contact for most organsiations and people in general who seek legal advice or representation. They work anywhere from local governments to privately owned law firms and even in legal departments of large organsiations.

Their main jobs include:

  • Meeting clients and finding out their needs and planning their help procedure
  • Studying specific areas of law and aiding clients with an action plan.
  • Typing up letters and other legal documents as necessary.
  • Working and representing clients in negotiations and other related meetings and discussions.

Barristers: Barristers represent their clients in court and aid them with specific legal issues. They get their information and instruction from solicitors and are mainly self-employed. When they don’t attend court sessions, they work off site where they prepare arguments and specific court cases.

Their main jobs include:

  • Aiding clients on all aspects of law and advising them on their case.
  • Holding discussions and meetings with clients when necessary to go over case details.
  • Representing clients in court which includes presentation of the case and cross examination of important witnesses.
  • Negotiating settlements with the opposition.

Different areas of law

There are so many different types of law available. These are some of them:

  • Crime: a very popular branch of law which deals with the advice and representation of criminals and victims. It could range from minor motor mishaps to more serious offences like rape and murder.
  • Corporate: this concerns all this business and commercial. It could be for small start-up business or larger multinational corporations. You could things like advice on company head’s rights and responsibilities or solve issues like mergers and acquisitions.
  • Employment: this deals with all things related to employment. Your client could be either an employer or employee and you could look at things like unfair dismissal, workplace bullying and related issues.
  • Family: this deals with matters like marriage, separation, divorce and other issues relating to spouses and children alike. It also looks at things like divorce payments and inheritance.

Law on the whole is a wide are and there are many different branches. Being a lawyer can be an interesting yet stressful job as you deal with many sensitive and classified information. You also get to meet people from all walks of life with a number of different problems. You need the patience and experience to learn how to cope up with them all. Lawyers play an important role in keeping our society clean and safe by ensuring the innocent victims get the justice they seek whilst the criminals are punished for their harmful activities.


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