How Does a DUI Affect Your Employment Dream?

How Does a DUI Affect Your Employment Dream?

When you get a DUI, it seems like your whole life is going to become a mess. That is not entirely true. While it may be a significant inconvenience and a high stress situation, rest assured that a good attorney will be able to represent you both in and out of court. After all of the process is completed, understand that the DUI charge is on your public record.

DUI and Employment

  • Your current employer does not need to find out. This is a personal matter and it can be kept confidential. At a certain point, the charge does become clear on public record. Ask your lawyer about plea bargains for first offenses and about what you can do to help with future employment.
  • A dui can affect your job and puts a mark on your record for seven years. It is an unfavorable thing to have on your record. Many potential employers may not hire you just because of this charge. They are considering performance, reputation, and potential safety hazards.
  • Federal law does prohibit excluding an applicant simply because of this charge. At the same time, the employer can find other reasons to refuse hire even though that is the reason. It is your word against theirs.
  • Even if you do get that dream job, the employer can fire you at any time for no reason in particular. This is if you have been hired on a conditional basis despite the DUI.

Can You Still Be Employed?

An important point to remember is that a DUI does not doom you to unemployment. It may present certain difficulties and costs, but it will drop off your record in seven years and you can start over. It is of primary importance that you don’t get any further DUI charges. This can look better to a potential employer.


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