How to avoid seasickness

How to avoid seasickness

When heading out on the water, it can be easy to experience seasickness. Although there is no prevention for seasickness, there are ways you can help ease any motion sickness you may be experiencing.

Here is what you need to know.

  1. Be well rested before heading out on the water

Make sure you are well rested before setting sail as you can feel exhausted very quickly and will be more likely to experience motion sickness if you’re tired. Try spending the day before your trip resting and winding down.

  1. Get fresh air

If you begin feeling sea sick, simply heading out to an open deck. According to the experts at House Call Doctor, fresh air, particularly wind blowing in your face, can help you focus on something more than the ship’s motion.

Try stepping outside when you experience signs of sea sickness and take a few deep breaths while looking towards the horizon to distract yourself.

  1. Eat snacks

Although eating may be the last thing on your mind while you are feeling sea sick, it is important to remember to do so. Rather than turning to big meals, try eating light snacks so you do not have an empty stomach (for example, pretzels and crackers).

If this does not seem to help, you can also try sipping on ginger ale as it is known to be a natural remedy for motion sickness. Alternatively, you can also try sipping water or sodas such as lemonade.

  1. Request a cabin in the middle of the ship

If you’re heading on a cruise and are worried about sea sickness, you can request a cabin in the middle of the ship to avoid the vessel’s side-to-side motion. Although it will not be eliminated completely, it will be minimised.

Depending on the ship you will be travelling on, you may also be able to request a room with a window, so you can look out at the horizon and feel more relaxed.

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