How to Boost Your Shell Scheme Booth at Any Exhibition

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A shell scheme booth is an area used during an exhibition to promote products or services. A designer has created this exhibition booth type in order for business owners to show off their wares. There are many ways to boost your booth so that your company sees an increase in traffic during an exhibition as well as sell products or services. Read on below to see just what you can do to upgrade your exhibition booth and be successful during Singapore events.

Design an Attractive Backdrop

With your exhibition booth, the best way to bring in customers is to have an attractive backdrop. Have a designer help with the design of a unique backdrop that reflects what your company is trying to sell or promote. Bright colors and unique design will help to push your product to the forefront of the other exhibition booths located in your area. Add a marketing message and use a quality builder for your shell scheme booth so the overall design is attractive and eye-catching.

Engage Attractive Hostesses

When you are showing off your wares in an exhibition booth, you want to have an attractive hostess showing off your products. Singapore events company services can provide you with access to attractive models who can promote your products. The builder of your exhibition booth will have made the unit easy to access by the hostess, allowing her to walk around and show off your products with ease.

Including Company Colors

Along with your marketing plan for the Singapore exhibition booth and after consulting a builder, include company colors whenever possible. You can use carpet, pillars, pop up system, banners and more to show off your brand. A designer will be able to help you with the decorative process and create a showpiece that will allow your exhibition booth to stand out. The hostess you have hired from the exhibition company can then wear company colors as well to further promote your brand.

High Quality Furnishings

An added tip is to provide high quality furnishings for your Singapore exhibition booth. Such furnishings can be used to showcase your products, providing seating for guests, etc. Consider the type of product you are promoting to determine the type of furnishings you should incorporate in your shell scheme.

Overall it is important to work with a quality Singapore builder to ensure the exhibition booth has been created to your specifications. Add in company colors and use a qualified hostess to be successful during the next exhibition you attend.  


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