How To Enter Twitter Competitions

Twitter is a great platform to use to find online competitions and once you get the hang of how it works it is pretty simple. One of the top competition websites online-competitions.co.za lets us in on how to go about finding twitter comps.

Here is how to enter Twitter competitions.

RT Competitions

You can’t just sit there and retweet all day without having original content on your page. Your tweets could be filtered by Twitter and they may think that you are a spammer.  You need to have good content on your page, tweet comping friends, reply to promoters and send original tweets.Image result for How To Enter Twitter Competitions

If you retweet through another comper then reply to the promoter, make sure that your reply does not contain the compers name.

A tweet can only be retweeted once and the retweet button will turn green. If you try again it undo’s your retweet.

If a promoter sends a number of tweets about the same online competition then you are able to retweet each message, unless the terms and conditions state otherwise.

Twitter competitions that use retweets for entry are hard to win.  

Hashtag Competitions

A hashtag shows a topic on Twitter and when you click it, you will see all the tweets that are related to that hashtag.

Twitter competitions may have a unique hashtag that they want you to include in your tweet. This hashtag is then used to track competition entries. You can click the hashtag to get an idea of how many people have entered or who your competition is, if it a creative competition.

@mention Competitions

If you use @mention of a Twitter user in a tweet then it appears in the notifications of the person that you are tweeting as well as on the timeline of those that follow you and the person that you are tweeting.

This is used to enter competitions on Twitter and the promoter will be notified of your entry.

Twitter competitions will outline the way that they want you to enter into the their competitions and it is important to read the terms and conditions to make sure you don’t get disqualified because you entered to many times or because you did not enter the hashtag for instance.



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