Impact of performance boosters on teenagers

Impact of performance boosters on teenagers

There is a strong recommendation in the professional community that performance boosting compounds and teenagers should never go hand in hand. The basic reason behind it is that the use of anabolic compounds will halt the natural growth of a developing body and close the growth hormones prematurely. When steroids and teenagers combine there is a strong negative impact on the natural production of androgen which is yet to develop to its full capacity. Teenagers should avoid the use of such substance unless otherwise recommended by physicians.

Avoiding the potential abuse

While performance enhancing compounds have the potency to get abused the after effects of such action can lead to severe consequences on the user. While it is quite a difficult task to understand the abuse of such compounds many users tend to perform similar actions intentionally with the object of gaining higher output from its use. The use and abuse of such substance is similar to that of a social drinker and an alcoholic. While the former has the ability to control the amount of intake, the later fails to stay within permissible limits.Image result for Impact of performance boosters on teenagers

While steroid users have the ability to stay within limits and consume as per the recommended level, abusers often disregard the recommendations of health-care experts with the object of attaining higher gains. Real abuse of such substance is actually very rare and such actions are generally found among users who have little or no knowledge about the effects and side-effects of such substance upon consumption. Since such an action is dependent upon the dosage intake, you should not exceed the threshold limit and end up abusing such substance which can havebad effects on your heart.

Effects before and after bulking

Those who have been hitting the gym for a long period of time and have not been able to observe significant gains should make use of steroidal supplements that will assist them in the bulking process. There is rarely someone who has been satisfied with a certain level of gain. It is a common urge among people to crave for higher gains and performance enhancing drugs are the best and the most suitable for such purpose. The bulking or the off-season phase is the time when a significant amount of mass and strength can be obtained. The before and after effects of these compounds will simply be remarkable in providing the desired outcome, especially for first-time users.

The use of such compounds is quite easy during the bulking period and gains of 20 to 30 pounds or even 40 pounds are not unheard of during such use. However, it is not necessary that a user experiencing such gains have only accumulated muscle mass as there can be substantial gains in body fat also if the intake guidelines are not strictly adhered to. During the bulking period, the use of anabolic substances is likely to provide some amount of fat accumulation in the body but the excess amount of fat can lead to bad effects on your heart.


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