Important Things You Should Know About A Facelift Surgery

Important Things You Should Know About A Facelift Surgery

If you have heard of a facelift surgery and are wondering what it is and whether you can undergo it, understand that it’s a surgical procedure meant to remove or minimize facial wrinkles and other signs of aging, with its main goal being the improvement of overall appearance of face and jaw.

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Clinically known as rhytidectomy, a facelift involves lifting and tightening the underlying muscles of face to form aesthetically more pleasing contours and revive the facial structure. Next the surgeon will remove surplus pockets of fat and skin that can give the face an aged and tired look.

This surgery will be conducted by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon with an artistic viewpoint and outstanding attention to detail so that patients will get negligible scarring and natural-looking beautiful outcomes.

Apart from the traditional full facelifts, you can get various other alternatives of the procedure to rectify particular areas of the face.

Advanced, minimally invasive methods are used by several surgeons to reduce discomfort and downtime.

Facelifts cannot be covered by insurance; but there are several wonderful financing options to help facelift patients afford the cost of plastic surgery.

Rhytidectomy can be a great investment for qualified patients providing them a more youthful, fresher appearance for years to come.

A 2014 long-term follow-up study observed that 68.5 percent of facelift patients, after an average follow-up of 12.6 years, rated their current level of improvement as very good or outstanding and almost the same number felt that 10 or more years were added to their youthful looks.

Who is the Right Candidate for Facelift?

Although facelift is effective for improving looks and boosting self-esteem, it’s not for everyone. Some patients might think that they can get the younger looks with a non-invasive procedure, such as microdermabrasion or a chemical peel.

Others may be pleased with their results if they blend facelift with other surgeries like forehead lift (also called brow lift) or neck lift. For example, Dr Naveen Somia offers upper eyelid surgery Sydney which can be combined with a facelift surgery to get stunning results.

Patients who know both the possibilities and limitations of rhytidectomy typically are happy with their outcomes.

How to Know if I am a Good Candidate for Facelift?

The best candidates for a facelift have practical expectations and are ready to follow the pre- and post-operative guidelines provided by their surgeon.

The surgeon can advise a patient about whether s/he is a good candidate for a facelift or whether an alternate surgery might preferred, after a one-on-one consultation.

Ideal candidates for a facelift surgery have certain common traits. Here is a list of factors that can decide whether an individual is a good facelift candidate or not.

Skin Elasticity: An ideal facelift candidate will have skin that has some of its natural elasticity remaining with it. Such elasticity is important because during the surgery, the surgeon will tighten the facial skin to minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

Optimal results and successful healing depends on having skin that can adapt its new, improved contours.

Strong Bone Structure: An ideal facelift candidate will have a strong facial bone structure that can provide a good support and help in getting satisfactory results. Patients with less unique features may get help from facial implants as an addition or alternative to a facelift.

Practical Expectations: A candidate should not only think about the best results of a facelift but should also know its limitations. Discussing with a qualified cosmetic surgeon can help a patient to get the information required to make the correct decision about the surgery.

Consider all these things, talk to your doctor and take an informed decision about a facelift surgery so that you can happily welcome your new young looks.

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