Improve Your Brand And Sell More Through Email Marketing

Improve Your Brand And Sell More Through Email Marketing

Let’s say that you have complete resources within your company—the latest facilities are seen on several departments, many competent employees work together, and sufficient capital runs the business. Will they suffice the daily operations? If you think that they are enough, there will be a conflict in the future. You should never overlook the effective marketing of your brand. Wonderful opportunities will find their way against you for not applying the ideal ones. If you want to be on top of the competition, it’s the perfect time to accept the powerful influence of technology.

Email marketing is one of the major highlights among the digital branding services of strategic marketing consultants from BrandQuest. Do you want to know why? Here’s what you need to know about email marketing that strengthens your brand:

Statistical data about the efficiency of Email Marketing

  • In United States, there is an estimated return of 4,300% in terms of investment with the help of email marketing.
  • Those firms who use email enjoy 50% additional sales amidst a lower cost at 33%. The nurtured leads boost 20% in the sales opportunities.
  • There is an investment return of $ 44.25 for the expense of $1 in line with email marketing. Just imagine how far your business would reach by simply considering the advertising plan.
  • Many marketers consider email as the most effective technique for customer retention, awareness, conversion, and acquisition. There were lots of satisfied entrepreneurs who claim that email is really impressive.
  • 95 % of email users said that messages about the brands are disseminated accordingly.
  • According to surveys, 70 % of consumers open their email account to have access to the company they trust.
  • There is an allotted time to capture people’s interest to read emails. Surprisingly, it only takes three to four seconds to get their attention.
  • Many emails were opened on mobile devices (38%) than desktops with only 34 %.
  • 64 % people can decide easily after reading emails on their cellular phones.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites have no match with email which is 40 X better than social media. It is true that there are millions of active users of social media. However, acquiring customers is made more effective with email marketing.
  • There is a boost of 50 % for the utilization of marketing automation.
  • In terms of conversion rates, email gives a higher figure compared to social media. Specifically, 17% is the percentage associated with conversion.
  • 91 % of product buyers check their account once or twice per day on their mobile device.
  • There is an increase of 41% in line with unique click rates by simply coming up with customized promotional mailings. Non-personalized mailings must be out of your concerns. Instead of making outdated mails, it is ideal to create functional ones. This will make your content friendly to the eyes of many.

As you can see, email marketing has been documented as a powerful tool in boosting your brand. For successful branding strategies, get in touch with BrandQuest for a corporate branding strategy in Sydney.


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