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Online reputation management is an emerging service for companies and individuals alike. They are noticing people writing things about them that don’t reflect the best side of them. In turn, it is affected the behavior of people who are finding that content.

If you think about how you search for information on search engines, if you find something negative, you will think twice on forming a relationship with that brand or person. The front page of those search engines should reflect the information that best reflects who you are since first impressions matter and an increasing amount of people are finding you online. A great option to fight against these things from happening to you is to open and actively post things on social media. Think of even yourself as a brand since you are representing something. Becoming a thought leader in your space can give you an edge. When people think of a certain category, they can be thinking or stumbling upon you since you talk about that subject a lot.Image result for Online Personal branding

You can even be featured to talk to and market for other products and brands if you are really good at what you do. It is crucial to write your own content. First of all, search engines, like Google, can tell if the article on your site is a duplicated or not. It can actually penalize your site for copy pasting information from another source. If you do write your own content and not outsource it, you will be more confident as a brand leader.

Not only is it important to keep posting to your site, it is also crucial to keep in touch very often with your followers and the public. It is important for brands to be present on all the social media channels especially if they are a global brand. But for individuals, being present on the most popular sites is good enough. Look into what kind of skills you excel at or what kind of content you are best are writing. If you feel the need to write about a certain topic but just the thought of writing about if makes you want to jump off a bridge instead, don’t force yourself to write it. The best piece of advice is simply to focus on the parts you excel.   

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