Recording a Business Screencast with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac


Creating a screencast can make it easier for you to explain your points during a business presentation. This is especially useful if what you want to demonstrate in the business presentation can be done through your computer screen. Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac allows you to record anything on the computer screen that you want to show your customers in the business presentation.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio features an orange recording frame that shows information on the screen resolution on the top left including left, top, width and height. You must first adjust the recording frame to the resolution of the area that you want to record. Once the recording frame has been resized, you can use your mouse cursor to drag it to the screen area that you want to record. Before you go ahead to click on the REC button, make sure you have adjusted all the necessary settings.

The audio system feature must be enabled if you want to record some soundtrack in the background of your business presentation video. If you are recording a screencast featuring your own voice explaining the product of your company, you can select the microphone feature to enable it. You can also adjust the frame rate of your business presentation screencast in Movavi screen recorder for Mac.

Slow frame rate can cause the movie to look jagged and not clear. Screencast movies recorded at a high frame rate for example 48 FPS will look like the same quality in a Hollywood film. Currently, the standard frame rate in the industry is 24 FPS. Lower frame rate means a lot of details will be lost so that the video looks blur. Since you are showcasing the screencast to your customers, it is best that you choose a higher frame rate. The video file will be larger when you save it in a higher frame rate.

Movavi has taken into account the needs of its users to edit the screencast video by including a free video editor. It is common to make mistake when you are trying to demonstrating something in a screencast video. Fortunately, you can easily erase these mistakes through editing the video with the video editor module. This prevents you from having to spend time to re-record the screencast all over again to get it to perfect. The video editor allows you to edit and enhance your videos so that it looks more professional and fit for showcasing to your customers.  

Unlike other screen recorder, Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac utilizes a technology that prevents it from crashing after recording for a long period. The play back video is smooth and clear just as expected. Every single feature on Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is easy to use which prevents the necessity for reading tutorials to learn how to use the software. Movavi has provided details instructions with screenshots on how to make full use of every features in the screen recorder software in the knowledgebase on its site.

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