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Search engine reputation management has a lot of “Dos and Don’ts”. One bad move or even the slightest bit of negligence of online activity can land you and your brand in some danger. Search engine reputation management services suggests that by keeping close and mindful eye on your online presence, you are more likely to catch unwanted content and be able to bury it with things that you actually want people to see. Next, in order to begin your search engine reputation management cleanup, you need to know what shows up when you actually search your brand’s name.

Search engine reputation management services recommends that you Google search your company or business’ name in order to see what comes up in the results. A tip that not many people know is to use Google Chrome’s Incognito mode when Googling their brand. When Googling things, the results are filtered and catered to your interests and common sites. With Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, it will give you the direct results that other people would see too. Nothing is filtered out or given priority. You can see what others see when they want to Google your brand. This will allow you to make observations and make the appropriate and necessary adjustments.Image result for Search Engine Reputation Management

Although only 2% – 5% of people go to the second page of results of Google, you should take the time to look through at least the first three pages of results. What may not be relevant enough to make it to the first page today, may appear on the first page within the top results tomorrow. Search engine reputation management services recommends that you keep a spreadsheet indicating the top results of each page for your Google search on your brand and to keep a mindful eye on these sites.

Search engine reputation management for some companies just means burying the things they don’t want to see. It is rare that companies actually address the negative content and do their part to rectify any issues. They should address that issue head on. With that being said, they should also embrace positive posts by sending the user something like a coupon or a free piece of merchandise to show their appreciation.

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