Some Choices of Place to Find Makassar Gold Silks

Makassar is one of the big cities in the east Indonesia. Even, it is not just a big city, but it is claimed as the largest city in the east part of Indonesia. This is an interesting fact and of course, this makes Makassar more famous than other cities. In this case, Makassar has many great things to offer, and it is not limited to the status of this city as the largest one in the east Indonesia. There are also other things that make Makassar so famous and it is about the shopping destination in this city. It may not be strange to see Makassar as the destination for shopping since this is the great city in the eastern part of Indonesia. In this case, there are many things to find in this town related to the shopping. There are malls, and but there are also makassar gold silks offered in the traditional shops.

As a big city, existence of malls has become a common thing. This also happens in Makassar. Makassar has a big mall and Trans Studio Mall Makassar is one of the big malls in Makassar. Even, this is the most famous mall found in Makassar. It is not only about the size, but it is also because this mall has complete things to sell. There are many brands found in this mall and they are not only the local or national brands, but they are also the international ones. Then, there are many kinds of items to find. Tourists can find clothing, restaurants, and other items. The other good thing about this mall is the existence of theme park.  Actually, this mall has a theme park and both of them are integrated as the Trans Studio Makasssar. Of course, this is a great benefit to see. People will not only have time for shopping, yet they can also get entertained with the park and things in the park. This can be alternative to get entertainment in this big city. Of course, it is also possible to find shops for makassar gold silks, but it is not the best place for it.

Related to the gold and silks, they are the famous things offered by Makassar. This town is not only about mall and its modern shopping destination, there are also famous shops selling souvenirs and gifts made from gold and pearl. There are also gifts made of silvers. These have become interesting and unique gifts to get. Then, there are also famous silks.

  • For the gold, silver and pearl, Somba Opu is the location to find. This is a name of a street, and it is famous street in Makassar. This street provides many shops selling the gifts and souvenirs made of gold, silvers and pearls. This has become so famous since tourists always come to this street when they need to explore and find the best gifts for the loved ones or family at home. In this case, there are also wooden crafts made by local people in Bali and many other unique souvenirs.
  • About the silks, there are beautiful silks made by the women in Makassar, specifically in Tana Toraja. The local people of Toraja still keep the tradition of making silks manually with the traditional tools. However, the results of the hand-woven silks are so beautiful and they have unique color and design. In this case, Tana Toraja is not the only place to find it. There are also alternative place to tind makassar gold silks in several shops located in Makassar, including in Somba Opu. Of course, the silks are the best gifts to have.

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