The Videoconference Market Will Exceed 7500 Million Dollars in 2022

The Videoconference Market Will Exceed 7500 Million Dollars in 2022

According to a study by the consultancy Credence Research, the video conference market will exceed $ 7.5 billion between 2015 and 2022, mainly thanks to the deployment of broadband, mobile technologies and, one of the biggest engines, Cloud. At the moment, the cloud is positioned as one of the key factors for the expansion of videoconferencing, facilitating its implementation and its use in companies, thanks to a minimum initial investment compared to traditional systems, which required a high Investment in hardware and expenses associated with the maintenance of this type of solutions, which made it very difficult for small and medium enterprises.

In addition, cloud video conferencing solutions are no longer limited by room equipment and allows different participants to connect from their laptops, mobile devices or tablets, at any time and place, facilitating the mobility and telecommuting of employees and allowing them to attend Any meeting as if they were in the office.

And today, collaboration between work teams and different corporate areas that are far from each other is a constant challenge for companies, and with the increase in teleworking and flexible working hours, it has become one of the Main needs in any type of organization. In this sense, 2017 is presented as a key year for different types of collaboration tools such as videoconferencing to consolidate and enter fully into companies around the world, improving communication and eliminating geographic limitations and the loss of time and money on the move .

The Growth of Videoconferencing beyond Its Business Use

But not only will companies boost the growth of videoconferencing, health and education, they will be two of the most promising sectors in the coming years, allowing them to increase their efficiency and overcome budgetary constraints.

In this sense, although studies show that there is still a long way for a widespread implementation of telemedicine, in Spain there are already successful e-health projects. An example, fotolia_104101336 is the Teleictus project, which allows medical professionals from the regional centers to communicate through videoconference with the neurologists of the reference hospitals in Catalonia. This enhances the interaction between professionals and efficiency in diagnostics, while reducing costs and travel.

Another potential sector according to the study will be banking. As we commented in our post “The digitalization of banking is through video conferencing software” this is one of the areas that is betting strongly for it, since it allows not only improve face-to-face communication but also increase loyalty, empathy and Closeness to customers. A clear example is Barclays, which in 2014 already launched its service “Video Anywhere”, a service based on ezTalks technology, which allows users to connect by videoconference with their managers anytime, anywhere and from any device. In Spain, another bank that has followed this initiative, is CaixaBank, which has just launched a special advisory service for companies through video call.

As we have seen, the image as a communication format will gain ground in all types of organizations, but for this it is necessary that the contracted service is specially designed for professional use and offers the standards of quality and support appropriate to the needs of companies, Much more demanding than the home user. ezTalks Cloud Meeting, professional video conferencing service designed for SMEs, which already has more than 20,000 users, and which also incorporates the latest ezTalks technology currently used by large companies in telemedicine projects and banking entities, allows meetings and Communicate with HD video quality from anywhere and with all kinds of devices, thus providing the quality and speed that users need. In addition, ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers services specially designed for professional use, does not require the purchase of equipment since it is a service in the cloud and has an expert and specialized support that supports the user in the use of the service and in the organization of Meetings with external participants if required.


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