The Wonders of Including Animal Fats in Your Diet Today!

The Wonders of Including Animal Fats in Your Diet Today!

When it comes to health and the well-being of a person and family, there is a common question that is asked- are animal fats healthy for consumption? Different people have different opinions however, most of them are a misconception that consumption of such fats are very harmful to the human body. People believe that the consumption of vegetable fat and fat derived from soy, peanuts and other sources do the human body good. The answer is no. Animal fat is saturated fat and it has essential nutrients that help the body in many ways.

The importance of saturated fat to health

Geoffrey Morell is an expert in farming and owns one of the most popular farms in the USA. He says that as farmers, he and health professionals are now spreading the benefits of animal fats to people. He adds that animal fats are saturated fats that are unrefined. They help people with better bone density and cardio vascular health. They accelerate the metabolism and the fat burning process. The items of animal fats are rich in protein. The body needs protein and consuming more bacon, chicken and fish can really give you a major health boost he says.

The wonders of including animal fat in your diet today

With the aid of animal fats, you can get better brains and lungs. These body components have to be nurtured well and with regular consumption of animal fats, you effectively are able to take care of them. For better functioning and performance of your lungs, the air space of the lungs needed to be filled with a layer called lung surfactant. This thin layer is composed of saturated fatty acids. It is important for you to replace this layer of critical fats with the right fat otherwise you will face issues in breathing. Likewise, the brain is composed of fats and cholesterol. It is prudent for you to ensure that you consume saturated fat so that the brain gets the raw materials it needs to function.

Better nerves and immune system

With the aid of animal fats you can improve the signals of your nerves that influence the metabolism of the body. Saturated fats are also needed for the adequate release of insulin in the body. You should also consume saturated animal fats for a better immune system. In case, you lose saturated fat in white blood cells, your ability to fight foreign invaders in your body reduces to a very large extent. You fall prey to the attacks of fungi, virus and bacteria.

Geoffrey Morell adds that meat, beef, turkey , fish and chicken are potent sources of animal fats and protein that help the human body in a large way. He says that when you consume animal fats on a daily basis, you will find a vast improvement in your health. At the same time, it is important for you to ensure that you buy your meat and fish from organic farms so that you get top quality diary and meat products all the time!

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