What Do Steroids Do?

What Do Steroids Do?

There are 2 types of steroids corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. Both of these aware developed for medical purposes. Corticosteroids still remain to be used for medical purposes but anabolic steroids are the ones that we talk about which are used in the body building community. Anabolic steroids were developed as a solution to low testosterone levels and to treat patients with such problems. Later it was discovered that anabolic steroids also help in muscle building and strength. Since then they are being used in body building and athletic communities. They are generally controlled and one needs a legal prescription to buy. But many people do not have one as they are buying it for their personal use and hence try their hands on various ways to get it. Under such circumstances, one has to know the general know about of the drug to avoid the side effects associated with it and to stay safe.

How do steroids work? You Won’t Believe It (Seriously)

There are many steroids available today. With most of them being similar to testosterone and are actually synthetic derivatives of testosterone and hence anabolic Steroids mimic testosterone effects. They usually help in building lean muscle mass and strength when helping them to work out much better. Testosterone has 2 types of affect on your body. One is androgenic (which is responsible for general growth of the body, deepening of voice, hair and other male characteristics) and the other is anabolic (where you see muscle, stamina and strength development).

With so many steroids that are available, each steroid works differently. But what they do in general is to help the muscles in your body to absorb more protein which is the key to muscle building. They increase the size of muscle cells, allowing more protein to be absorbed. Some steroids have nitrogen retention property which also allows in muscle building. Some work by breaking down the fat into bloodstream to be used as energy that can be used for workout. And when you work out, your stamina is improved and you get a feeling of well-being. Some steroids also help in faster recovery from injuries which again will help you to get relief of pain after workout.

Types of anabolic steroid and how to use them safely

Anabolic steroids are available in oral pill form, injections, nasal sprays and liquid forms. While many prefer to take the oral pills, there are those experienced body builders who take injections. Pills are easily available and are dosed correctly while you need to be careful about measuring your injection dose and it also depends if you are choosing oil based injection or water based injection. Injection forms stay longer and there are fewer side effects as they do not pass through your digestive tract.

Liquid forms of steroids are either made for chemical use or for veterinary purposes. Hence, their potency will also be different and will not be suitable for human use. Care is needed when you measure these as well. Preferably you should avoid these.


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