What You Should Ask Family Lawyers in The First Meeting

What You Should Ask Family Lawyers in The First Meeting

If you feel your spouse will soon serve you divorce papers or you feel a divorce is coming soon, this is the time to get your contacts and reach out to family lawyers. The first meeting you have will be very important. This is where you ask all the important questions and fill the lawyer in on the facts. These questions will also give you a sense of the type of lawyer you are hiring and if they are right for your case. We have not arranged these questions in a particular order but make sure you ask them before the meeting is concluded.


  1. How long have you practiced?

Choosing an attorney with experience is for your own advantage. You need someone in your corner who knows what they are doing and isn’t using your important case to learn the ropes.

  1. What amount of your practice is committed to family law?

For your family related issue, get familial attorneys that specialize in the field. Some lawyers try to handle different arms of law but a specialist will always do a better job.

  1. Do you know the judges well?

Every lawyer worth their salt should know key personnel, judges and courtrooms of the areas they practice. This can be the thing that makes or breaks your case.

  1. Do you represent more women or more men?

A good domestic attorney will represent men and women equally but what your case really need is a lawyer that successfully represents others in similar situations as you.

  1. Will you be uncomfortable representing me for any reason?

No attorney should be judgmental or biased but you should ensure the one you choose has no problems working with you. If your case is unusual, ask to be clear if they are comfortable working on it or not.

  1. What is your retainer fee?

You should know what your family legal representative charges as a retainer. Some lawyers charge smaller than others, it mostly has to do with how much experience one lawyer has over the other.

  1. Will I receive a refund of my retainer if I switch lawyers?

A lot of people change their minds about their first lawyer and move on to the next. You have to know if you will be refunded for a retainer already paid if this happens.

  1. What do you think of mediation and negotiations?

Good family lawyers  should work to solve problems and not create new problems. Be sure your lawyer will put effort into solving cases out of court.

Another question you should ponder on is the integrity and respect your lawyer has. Apart from asking other lawyers and legal bodies, there are websites for this kind of search. Here, you will see the ratings of excellent lawyers and you can make your pick from the list. Doing your homework in the search for an attorney is very important.


You must ask all the right questions to ensure they are the right fit for your case. Make sure you ask family lawyers all the questions discussed above before the end of the first meeting.



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