Who needs Fire Marshal Training?

Who needs Fire Marshal Training?

You can never be sure when an emergency is going to happen, so ensuring that there is someone at your place of work who is a fully trained fire marshal is important. You can be sure that there is someone who knows exactly how to act, who can guide other employees on the safe evacuation procedure and who will have a proper record of who is in the building so they will know if someone is missing, perhaps trapped inside. Fire marshal training is recommended for at least two employees, so there is always someone on site who can take control of the situation should one arise.

Why you need fire marshal training?

Any public building really should have a fire marshal on site. If you have a company of just a couple of employees or are a multinational company it doesn’t matter, fires can occur at anytime and anywhere. Fires can start even if there is no open flame present. There have been many documented cases of electrical fires starting due to faulty wiring, so even if you do not work with hazardous substances, or there are no obvious flammable liquids present, it doesn’t mean that you are immune to having a fire start somewhere in your property.Fire marshal training will open your eyes to the various hazards that are all around you – you may be surprised at just how many there are!

What does it entail?

Fire marshal training will incorporate the basics, such as making sure all visitors to the building sign in, all employee movements in and out of the building are monitored too. That way there is a record, or register of all people in the building when the fire alarm goes off. When the fire services arrive on site you can give them a full head count, so they know if there is anyone in the building still that may be injured or trapped and that requires rescuing. Fire Marshals are also trained to use on site fire extinguishers and fire blankets when it is safe to do so.

Apart from the practical side of fire marshal training there is also the theoretical side which includes the current health and safety legislation and fire safety legislation, the common causes of a fire and fire safety precautions. You will also learn the chemical make-up of a fire which allows you a better understanding of fire, situations you may find you in, and it will heighten your awareness of potential hazards around you.

The most important part of the fire marshal training is knowing what to do in the event of discovering a fire, or a fire alarm going off. Health and safety consultants can provide this information. Those first few minutes could be crucial in ensuring everyone is evacuated calmly and safely. Being well trained can help to keep you focused on the task in hand, raise the alarm quickly and call the emergency services as soon as possible which could ultimately save lives. The training is relatively short course that could have a huge impact on your business.

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